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England is a country full of culture and technological innovations.

It was where my favorite scientist Alan Turing was born. He was a computer scientist who played a significant role in defeating Germany in WWII using the Turing machine.

I would like to go experience the kind of education he has receive, where children get to live to the fullest doing activities and learn in subject of their interest.

I hope to also travel and learn more about aspects of the British culture and hopefully that will give me great deal of inspirations to become the Alan Turing in the future.

Explaining why you are interested in attending a UWC school/college and reflecting on UWC’s mission and values, what you might contribute to the school/college and what you would hope to gain from the experience.

I study in school hoping it will help me bring out my potentials so I've always been studying hard, but the educational system in Thailand doesn't often allow students to take much time each lessons and take things into perspective, everything is in a rush because we have to know everything in very little time time so we can pass tests, then we forget everything we've learned. Besides, some classes like computer class are supposed to be an opportunity to improve my skill in what I'm actually interested in, but unfortunately the software we have to use is outdated by 10 years or so! As we're coming closer and closer to globalization, the world is connected together and I have so much more to learn from this evolving world. I decided to take a chance and apply to UWC. I believe that with the right method and the right amount of time, small people can make great things and help improving the livelihood of people everywhere. I truly hope that UWC will be an experimental field where students can exchange ideas and culture experiences, freely and happily. To help solve the world's problems which is inevitably connected in some ways, I think we need a place that allow people to learn from each other and together, make the world a better place.

In 9th grade, I and my friends were assigned a project about community problems. Thus, I had a chance to get some information and exchange ideas with people living in my area. The problems we found were mostly concerning dirty surroundings and educational inaccessibility. With all these major problems, a student like me couldn't help solving them all at once. Each problem needs a different kind of service provided. In my case, I think some technological knowledge I have might be able to help.

         Nowadays many people have taken interests in community service. In my school, the students are obligated to do a community service 20 hours a year, still, they all ended up sweeping temples because they don't know what kind of service should they do or whom and where they could provide help to, which is a shame because there are many different ways we could help improving our community.

         Now this is where I step in. I plan to develop an application which analyse each user's field of expertise in community service and tell them where they could be most useful. Each work will be classified using hashtags such as #books , #service, that means wherever you go and feel like doing some good for your community, just use the application to find out where the help is needed and whether you're suitable for it or not. There will also be points gained from each work done and these points can be used as a discount for food and drinks from the app's sponsors. This application will be the best and fastest way to help the people in need. I believe that my project will encourage more people,students, to do community services because they will be more fun, rewarding, and most importantly ,they help improve our society.